Design health systems for better aged care in Vietnam

With technology and digital innovation, there is currently the rise of advanced tools as a result of the demands from aged healthcare

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Moving towards an aged society

  • Vietnam is one of the fastest ageing countries in Asia.
  • By 2050, the number of people 60 years and over willmore than double from 11.9 million to 29 million people making up almost a third of the total population.
  • The number of people over 80 will also triple to almost 6% of the population.

Significant issues elderly face

  • Vietnam is facing a deepening crisis in the availability of nursing home care as the population ages.
  • Most elderly are cared for by relatives or domestic helpers with little medical expertise.
  • Society has not viewed nursing in senior healthcare as an official job.
  • The health sector needs a qualified source of nursing workers.
  • Government financial support has been limited, delaying private-sector investment.

Solution for better aged care 

  • Digital technology has a vital role in the healthcare for senior and aftercare programs.
  • A combination of the advanced technologies can be used, in multiple angles of healthcare through real time data collection from the IoT and weareable devices.
  • AI and precision medicine and Robotic Process Automation can certainly help hospitals and healthcare providers to deliver healthy and quality living to elderly.

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